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Why Kids First Aid Matters

Every year, 1 in every 13 Australian children is hospitalised — not from disease, but from preventable injuries at home. This stark reality surpasses harm from cancer, asthma, or infectious diseases combined. Our first aid course empowers parents and caregivers with crucial skills to prevent and swiftly respond to these frequent emergencies, safeguarding our children's futures.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Do you cover CPR in the course?

Yes, our course begins with comprehensive CPR training. We demonstrate how to perform CPR on different age groups, including newborns, toddlers, children, and adults. Please note, while we provide thorough training, this course does not include individual assessments.

How does your course differ from other first aid courses?

Our unique approach involves training exclusively led by experienced paramedics who specialize in emergency care for parents and children. This practical knowledge spans across common emergencies such as choking, drowning, burns, seizures, fractures, bleeding, and poisonings—ensuring you learn from the experts who handle these situations daily.

Is the course suitable for caregivers of children of all ages?

Absolutely! While primarily aimed at parents and carers of children aged 0-16 years, the first aid techniques we teach are universal and applicable to individuals of all ages, including adults.

Are your courses accredited?

Our main focus is to equip parents with essential first aid skills in a time-efficient format. Hence, we offer a concise 3-hour workshop led by paramedics, focusing on practical skills rather than accreditation. However, we do offer accredited courses upon request. Please contact us at 1300 138 133 for more details. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

What emergencies do your courses cover?

We address the 10 most common emergency situations involving children that our paramedics encounter, including choking, burns, drowning, fractures, bleeding, and poisoning. These are practical sessions designed to prepare you for the emergencies most likely to occur at home.

How often should I refresh my first aid skills?

Once enrolled, you have lifetime access to our digital course, allowing you to revisit the material anytime. While the course is yours forever, we recommend refreshing your first aid knowledge every two years to keep up with the latest practices and ensure your skills remain sharp for any emergency situation.

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